Washroom management

A NEW recycling option for washroom and hygiene waste

Currently, the vast majority of sanitary waste which is collected from female washrooms and nappy change rooms in offices, retail and shopping centres and community facilities is sent to landfill.

This is standard industry practice, as landfill is the accepted disposal option for many putrescible and organic waste streams. Sanitary waste is a part of the overall waste stream called Absorbent Hygiene Product waste or AHP waste.

Relivit will offer a viable and large-scale alternative to landfill, so that the AHP waste materials can be recycled and the resources contained within the waste can be reused. Commercial providers of washroom management and hygiene services will be able to dispose of AHP waste at a Relivit facility, at a gate fee cost which is competitive with landfill.

Your company might offer washroom management services or simply provide a sanitary waste collection and disposal service. As long as the AHP waste is relatively contaminant free, we want the waste. Relivit will work with waste collectors to negotiate medium-term volume-based disposal contracts to divert the waste from landfill to a Relivit plant.