Types of Flooring You May Not Know About

If you need high-class and trendy tiles Adelaide, visit LJ Tiles for quality, stylish and affordable tiles! Whether you’re looking to cover an existing floor or build on new flooring, we can help you exactly find what you need. Our expertly trained floor contractors will discuss your options with you, discuss your budget and then provide a quote for the tiles that best fits your needs. We’ll discuss materials, installation methods and recommend a few of our most popular products.

tiles AdelaideWood composite tiles. These tiles are ideal if you want a timber look but can’t afford an entire timber floor. Available in various rich colours, from natural to bold colours, they’re also available in different sizes – from narrow width tiles to large tiles for around pool areas and commercial rooms. Narrow tiles can add subtle highlights for homes and enhance the room’s design and function, while larger tiles add a modern contemporary twist to a traditional timber-floor design. They are ideal for domestic and commercial applications and can be used in various finishes, from glossy to matte. Wood composite tiles Adelaide are now easily obtainable online from a range of tile manufacturers and retail stores and are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to natural wood tiles.

Quarry tile. These are just hard-wearing, stain-resistant and waterproof tiles that are hand-crafted and are similar to wooden slabs. This material is ideal for uncluttered, open-plan areas and can also create bold motifs and interior detailing. Available in several natural hues, these tiles are robust, waterproof and environmentally friendly. They are relatively inexpensive compared to timber slabs, and as they are hand-crafted, they can be cheaper to install.

Slate tiles. It is slate or marble – the main difference is the colour. The marble-like appearance of slate makes this a perfect choice to complement a more classic design scheme, whether modern or classical. Depending on your need, the tiles can either be cut into small tiles Adelaide or larger flat tiles. A downside to using slate is that it is slightly more expensive than timber slabs.

Carpet tiles. The texture and material of this kind of tile give an elegant, luxurious look, perfect for the kitchen or patio areas. Available in several different materials and designs, this is one type of flooring that looks great anywhere. It’s water-resistant and non-slip and is available with a wide choice of vivid colours to complement any look – from a simple white to rich dark chocolate; you’ll find carpet tiles to suit almost any home decor and theme.

These are some of the flooring types you may encounter when shopping around for tiles for your home. These materials can create a great range of effects, depending on your preferences and the look you want to achieve. Whether you want a vibrant, exotic look, or something simple and understated, there’s a file out there for you. Take a look at some samples right online and get ideas of your own for what kind of tiles you’d like in your own home!