Why You Should Wear Socks

Socks used to be purely functional items that covered the feet. They were typically black, ankle-high, and not worth much, but they can add a lot to an outfit these days. They can even be woke-signalling, as Justin Trudeau has proven to be a heavy user. He has been criticized for not washing his “lucky” socks. Then there’s Boris Johnson, reportedly the first British Prime Minister to wear socks.

ORTC ClothingUnless you’re going to be doing serious business, you’ll want to wear socks that are a little bit more daring. While it’s generally a good idea to match your trousers with your socks, you may feel more comfortable wearing colourful patterned socks. Although they require more care, these are great for the business environment and can be worn with jeans and a nice tie. This rule is also useful for vacation as socks can add a splash of colour to your outfit.

Another good reason to wear socks from ORTC Clothing is that they can make you look stylish. Whether you’re a geek, a mona Lisa enthusiast, or a hipster with a sock-free attitude, a pair of colourful socks will surely turn heads. Moreover, a pair of bright-coloured socks can be combined with a slick hat, a silk scarf, or a tie to add interest to your outfit.

A good pair of socks can make your feet look good. They can also help you look better in your shoes and complement your outfit. Socks are not just for the office; they’re a part of your wardrobe, so you should make them as fashionable as possible. For example, if you’re planning to go on a business trip, you might want to purchase a pair of socky dress shoes to complete your look.

It’s also important to know what sort of dress code you’ll be entering. You can’t just wear any old pair of socks to your office. Even though socks are an integral part of an outfit, they are also an important fashion piece. If you are going to a party, you should buy a pair of coloured socks. These are often a great way to dress up a simple outfit. In the meantime, you can choose patterned socks to add some excitement to an otherwise ordinary look.

The right sock can make a big difference to your outfit. Men’s socks can be patterned or solid and are a good way to add personality to an outfit. Depending on where you’re going, you may want to choose a solid colour or patterned sock. However, if you’re going to a party, you’ll want to go for a bold toned sock. Choosing a sock that has a pattern or a design that has a pattern will also make it more memorable.