Services for Hospitals & Healthcare facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities generate AHP waste from the use of products by patients or longer term residents which allow the symptoms of incontinence to be managed conveniently. And maternity wards and children’s hospitals will use a fairly consistent amount of disposable nappies.

Waste from the absorbent hygiene products, when generated in hospitals and healthcare facilities is often mistakenly disposed of as Clinical waste, in the yellow bins, at significantly higher costs than general waste disposal.

With the pressure on healthcare services to reduce costs, Relivit wants to be part of the solution.

Engaging with Relivit’s service will enable nursing and care staff to dispose of AHP waste separately at the source, into a dedicated bin for collection and recycling. And best of all, we are offering this recycling service at a competitive cost, which can be run in parallel to the ‘whole of facility’ standard waste management contract.

If you are an owner manager of a healthcare facility, or are a facilities manager in a larger organisation – whatever your size and business model – please contact us to discuss recycling absorbent hygiene waste and how we can transform your waste into valuable materials for reuse.