Weighted Blanket – What Occupational Therapy Can Learn From it

A weighted blanket can be an excellent tool for calming and relaxing a child or adult suffering from anxiety or sleeping disorders. These blankets have many positive effects on the mind and body. Many individuals experience anxiety and sleep disorders during their lifetime. In addition, some people may only suffer from mild forms of stress, while anxiety can lead to more serious problems and even depression for others. A weighted blanket can be used as a natural way to calm and relax a person, relieving them of their symptoms and helping them fall asleep at night.

anxiety blanketA weighted blanket from calmingblankets.com.au can help to naturally lower anxiety and nervous system pressure. They are usually quite safe to use. They help so many individuals reach a relaxed state by pushing them down. The stress and tension are released by driving the body downward, and the brain and nervous system can relax and function normally. It not only relieves anxiety and nervous system pressure but also has other health benefits. It can lower the resting heart rate, lower high blood pressure, stabilize the blood sugar level and lower the cholesterol levels.

The use of a weighted blanket lowers certain medical conditions and diseases. Depression, high blood pressure, migraine headaches and nausea have all been tied to hypertension. If a person is suffering from either one of these conditions, using a weighted blanket may help to lower their blood pressure and lower their chance of developing depression or having an attack. High blood pressure affects about thirty-five million Americans, so this disease has the highest health problem rate out of any other. If you have had a history of heart attacks or strokes, you may benefit from using a blanket that helps to lower your blood pressure. Some individuals may only need to use a weighted blanket while sleeping to reap the benefits fully.

Another use for a weighted blanket is for treating obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea affects millions of people, so it is important to treat this disorder if you notice that you are experiencing daytime sleepiness and drowsiness during the day. A weighted blanket may help to lower the individual’s chances of experiencing any of these symptoms. It helps keep the body from lying flat and making the airway smaller through gravity. However, some individuals may not experience any difference in their symptoms, so it may help see if you can use a weighted blanket while sleeping without any positive results.

In addition to being used to treat depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, weighted blankets may be used daily for therapeutic effects. There have been studies done by occupational therapists that claim these blankets help individuals relax and help individuals who experience pain from certain conditions. For example, the findings in one study show that individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome experience a significant reduction when using abbasi-feeinberg’s therapy. This therapy focuses on stretching the muscles that surround the carpal tunnel. However, it is unknown if the weighted blankets help break down this muscle or are used simply to relieve the symptoms.

In conclusion, the uses for a weighted blanket from calmingblankets.com.au are seemingly endless. Occupational therapists are learning about the many ways that these blankets can benefit patients with various conditions. These include those with carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pain and even depression. Abbasi Fidel Feinberg said he hopes that the weighted blanket will continue to grow in popularity as more studies are conducted on its therapeutic properties.