Overview of the Different Types of Joinery

In general, joinery refers to a type of woodwork that tends to involve joining two or more wooden pieces together with a few splices or gaps. Common furniture-making falls into this category. That includes the construction of door and window frames, desks, drawers, shelves, staircases, cabinets, and many more. When these items are done together, they become what we call Adelaide joinery.

There are many different types of joinery, but there are two main types that most people focus on when they start making furniture. The first is mortise-and-tenon joints; the second is dovetail joints.

  1. Mortise-and-tenon joinery is widely used in cabinetwork, especially for window frames. The joinery allows for the “cavity” created by the Adelaide joinery to be left unbroken so that the window frame will have a strong, solid frame. A bonus side-effect of Cavity-and-tenon joinery, however, is that it can lead to cracking if the wood is subjected to an extreme amount of stress. This is not considered a problem in typical carpentry work, because the carpentry tools used in typical carpentry work are not as much of a strain on the wood as would be a part of joinery if the joinery were not maintained.
  2. Dovetail joinery, also known as cross-linking, is a prevalent type of joinery today. Dovetail joinery allows for the joinery company to mark individual boards with their logo. These types of products can be bought almost anywhere, timber, and hardware stores are located. If you’re interested in having your own company, you can certainly do so. As with any business, the more you save on materials, the more money you can put into your company itself.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to start with a few simple carpentry tools or you’re a seasoned carpenter who needs to up your game, a carpenter joinery company in your local area is an excellent place to look for assistance. Carpenters who work as a team usually provide better results than just one person doing everything. If you plan to joinery work as a hobby or as a way to bring in extra income, consider offering your services at home as a joinery operator. This option is perfect for people who are shy about spending too much time on the phone selling their carpentry skills. A lot of the work involved in carpentry can be very time-consuming, and you’ll find that when you offer to joinery services at your own home, you can get better results quicker.

The best way to find a suitable joinery company in your area is by searching online for the contact information of local joinery companies in your area. A quick search on the Internet will reveal hundreds of local joinery businesses that do business through the Internet. Visit each of these websites and learn more about what sort of services they have to offer, as well as the sort of joinery options they provide. Working with experienced carpenters will be important because you want to ensure that your joinery project will be done with quality and efficiency.