The Team

Gareth Williamson, Managing Director

Gareth has almost a decade of business development experience in the waste management industry, and has focused on the strategy, planning, design and operations of resource recovery facilities with project values from A$2 to $40 million.

He has a proven track record in developing new business opportunities and driving sales growth at companies such as Outlook Environmental, a leader in waste transfer station management and resource recovery solutions, and Meinhardt Infrastructure & Environment, a leading consulting engineering firm to the Victorian waste management industry.

Gareth is Secretary of the Resource and Energy Recovery Working Group (Vic), Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) and has been responsible for organising events addressing Energy-from-Waste opportunities in Victoria.

Through working at the cutting edge of resource recovery with local councils and commercial waste management providers in metropolitan, regional and rural settings, he gained the knowledge that provided the inspiration for Relivit. He is passionate about recovering valuable materials and energy from waste, and the Collingwood Football Club.

Mark Dunn, Commercial Director

An engineer and business analyst, Mark’s career started in New Zealand and includes 20 years in heavy industry in technical  development, engineering and project management roles at Dubai Aluminium in the UAE, and at Comalco in Australia. While improving the performance of aluminium production, he gained an in-depth knowledge of materials handling, chemical engineering and the need for absolute attention to detail within high-pressure manufacturing.

Recently in Australia he has worked in property development, management consulting and technology transfer; he has also carried out due diligence and established operational systems at start-ups and growing companies.

In addition to his Chemical and Materials engineering degree, Mark has qualifications in continuous improvement, business analysis and financial modelling and he will gain his Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University of Technology in 2012.

John Nolan-Neylan, National Sales & Marketing Manager

John joined Relivit in July 2012 and is based at our offices in Mascot, Sydney. He is currently focussed on engaging with the aged care sector to help organisations understand their waste management practices and present opportunities to recycle over 80% of the general waste.

As Relivit grows John will also be guiding and promoting initiatives to collect and recycle nappies and pads from child care centres, households and drop-off centres, both in Sydney, regional NSW and other states of Australia.

John holds a Master of Business Administration with a specialisation in marketing, which is coupled with a strong background and great experience in designing and driving sales and marketing programs for fast-growing businesses and developing innovative customer relationships. He grew up in Sydney and has spent much of the past 10 years in the UK, after starting his working career and education in New South Wales.


Knowaste LLC 

Licensor of core technology platform

Since the 1990s Knowaste LLC has specialised in the research and development of state-of-the-art technologies to recycle absorbent hygiene waste or AHP waste, to reclaim the valuable fibres and plastics.

Relivit has exclusive rights to use the Knowaste technology in Australia and New Zealand and will benefit from the years of design and development by Knowaste and the practical experience with the treatment of AHP waste in different settings. Read more on Knowaste.

Wastech Engineering

Technical Partner


Established in 1993 in Victoria, Wastech Engineering operates in all states of Australia, in New Zealand and overseas.

Wastech has built an enviable reputation for quality and innovation supplying logistical solutions and equipment to waste and recycling contractors, commercial builders and other key organisations.

Having been advised by Wastech on the design of waste handling, recycling and transport equipment over some time, in October 2011 Relivit confirmed Wastech as its Technical Partner. Wastech will provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to manage the design, manufacturing and/or procurement of equipment, installation, commissioning and service and
maintenance of all the equipment required at Relivit’s facilities.

Wastech’s proven ability to work with consulting engineers, architects and developers on complex projects makes the company the ideal choice for Relivit’s specialised waste treatment and recycling projects.

Bayston Group

Bayston Group is a niche legal consultancy which provides freelance general counsel services to businesses, with skills and expertise to fit a start-up through to the complexity required by large multi-nationals. The principals at Bayston Group have provided  vital in-house legal counsel and commercial advice in the early stages of Relivit’s development.

PR Matters

PR Matters is a communications agency who add zingy new ideas to tried-and-true methods, and they promote the message with zest and integrity.The team at PR Matters and Wolfe Words have been instrumental in developing much of the content of this website and have assisted in polishing the key messages with flair. As Relivit will face a number of communications challenges with changing industry practices and developing new solutions, the principals at PR Matters will be a critical part of the Relivit team.