3 Types of Paint Protection Film For Cars

Considering applying paint protection film to your car, it’s worth looking into the different types available. You can choose three main types: Polyurethane, 3M Scotchgard Pro, and XPEL. Each of these products has its benefits and downsides. Find out which one is best for you. We also explain what each film does and how it affects your car’s paint job.



Polyurethane paint protection film for cars is designed to protect the paint on a car from minor impacts. It has a thin clear coat and is self-healing, while the urethane layer is six mils thick. The film should be backed by a layer of acrylic adhesive, which will adhere the film to your car without yellowing over time. Ideally, the film will also come with a release liner to protect the film until it is applied to the car.


The film arrives in sheets, and the installers cut them into 2D layouts. After installation, the panel is cleaned again to remove any dirt and debris that may be present. Otherwise, contamination will compromise the film, leading to ugly defects and a shorter lifespan. It is best to visit a wrap shop if bubbles are present. The second type of paint protection film can be used over PPF, such as ceramic coatings, sealants, and waxes. For more information, visit https://deluxcar.com.au/ paint protection Adelaide.


The top-quality PPF is made of elastomeric polymers that help the film maintain its shape when stretched, eliminating swirl marks. Some films have an adhesive layer beneath the urethane layer that requires professional removal. The adhesive layer is not as resistant to more enormous impacts and must be carefully handled while driving and parking. A good degreasing agent should be used to clean the car to remove wax and other contaminants.


3M Scotchgard Pro

The new Scotchgard Pro Series, paint protection film offers an industry-leading combination of clarity and stain-resistance properties. The film virtually disappears scratches and is guaranteed not to yellow after ten years of exposure. Its self-healing feature helps remove minor scratches and swirl marks, and the warranty covers deterioration caused by the film. 3M Scotchgard Pro series films can protect your car from road tar, automotive fluid stains, and even harsh UV rays.


This film comes in two different varieties: transparent and colour. The 3M Scotchgard Pro series has a variety of colours and textures, and the colour selection has more than one hundred shades. The film can be applied to any smooth painted surface and customised to fit any car or RV. Its durability and easy application ensure a durable protective layer. It is also compatible with various paint finishes, including brushed metal, chrome, and aluminium. For more information, visit https://deluxcar.com.au/ paint protection Adelaide.


While 3M has been in the paint protection film business longer, XPEL is a newer and smaller company focused exclusively on the industry. A proper installation can make or break the benefits of paint protection films. Always hire an experienced installer who will apply your film correctly, and don’t forget to keep it clean! It will protect your car for many years. So, if you’re looking for a car paint protection film, look no further than 3M Scotchgard Pro.



XPEL paint protection film for cars is the most effective way to protect your car. It is an 8 MIL urethane film with a Clear top-coat finish that virtually disappears on your car’s painted surface. The film is virtually invisible on painted surfaces and provides unparalleled UV protection. Unlike other protection options, XPEL film can be applied by anyone without any knowledge of automotive technology.


XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film is the market’s most advanced, premium-grade film. It is made of advanced elastomeric polymers that eliminate hazing, yellowing, and discolouration. It is also stain-resistant and won’t fade from ultraviolet exposure. As a result, XPEL paint protection film for cars is virtually invisible once applied, and it is also highly resistant to impact, abrasion, and dirt.